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We all know that the combination of a night out and drinking can leave you dehydrated and dry. We start with good intentions but for most of us, as much as we try to be good, the night escapes us and before we know it we’re awake with the dry horrors and a Hang over!

Always read the label and take as directed.  Vitamins are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.

That’s why we’ve brought you Hydrodol! The ultimate cures for hangovers 



  • The hang over cure for heavy drinkers in outer Mongolia is “a pair of pickled sheep’s eyes in tomato juice.
  • Hang over Remedy for Haitian voodoo people are said to recommend sticking 13 black pins in the cork of the offending
  • Now it’s clearly between the Russians and Irish for being the biggest drunks, so I’ll present a hango ver cure from each.
    The Russians claim all you have to do is drink the juice squeezed from a cucumber. The Irish cure? Well they’re said “to bury the ailing person in moist river sand.

Ever wondered why you sometimes feel dodgy the next day when you really didn’t drink that much? Well, research shows that 70% of light to moderate drinkers experience ill effects from drinking at some time. It all depends on what you drink, if you mix your drinks, what you eat, how hydrated you are to start with, and so on and that's why you sometimes end up with a hang over.

Does Hydrodol really work? Well, we’ve tested it on Australians and they think it does! They’ve gone nuts about it...  Hydrodol was used by Aussies over 300,000 times in the last year!  Find out more

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I cant believe how good I feel now that I’ve taken some Hydrodol. This morning I woke up feeling fantastic and I was so sure I would have a hang over so  now I’m heading out to the gym! Thanks guys, this is awesome stuff. Jenny, Coromandel, 29.   Find out more

So if you’re having a party, going to the Rugby World Cup, night on the town, birthday, hens night, stag night, day at the races, New Year’s Eve party, night out clubbing, BBQ with friends, or a visit from the mother-in-law, try Hydrodol and wake up feeling great!  


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